Women somehow believe incels and low-status men are their oppressors, even though they work very diligently to keep them out of thier lives.

How can these men be blamed for most of women's ills, when these men are pretty much completely excised from women's lives in any capacity?

The men that truly harm women are the men women choose to be around. The men they choose to be their boyfriends and husbands are the ones who bear the most statistical likelyhood of harming them. The men they choose to keep as close friends come in a close 2nd place. And the high-status men in power come in 3rd place when it comes to indirectly oppressing women (though this has diminished greatly since the women's suffrage movement).

Where exactly do incels and low-status men fit into this? They are not being selected by women as thier boyfriends and husbands. They are very rarely selected to be close friends with women. And I can't think of any self proclaimed incels in a high position of governance that can indirectly oppress women.

With the exception of a few deranged psychos in the incel community who have harmed women, the threat seems extremely overblown. And I think even that is putting it lightly... if you could actually quantify the threat incels pose to women, I would bet my life it would be next to nothing.

So why do women scare monger so much about incels? When the men who harm women the most, are the men who they allow into thier lives?