One of the unique things about the time we live in, is that there are now many people who have transitioned genders and can give us thier insights on what life is like on both sides of the coin.

Here is the experience from a trans man from a thread posted here on Reddit. The OP is rather long, so I will only excerpt a few of the most prescient details. But you can read the whole thing here:

"I'm pretty quiet about the fact I'm a transman usually, but holy shit, I need to tell you about the culture shock I'm going through because it's blindsiding me. There's a huge sense of social isolation that comes with being perceived as male, because now people are subconsciously treating me as a potential predator. All strangers, no matter thier gender, keep thier guard up around me."

"It made me realize there is no inherent camaraderie in male socialization as there is in female socialization - unless, of course, in very specific environments. And the fact I don't ambiently experience this mutual kinship in basic exchanges anymore is an insanely lonely feeling. You know how badly this would have fucked my mind up if I had grown up with this? It's 4:30am and I'm mourning the loss of a privilege I didn't even know I had."

"When I'm out in public and interact with women, all of them come across as incredibly aloof, cold, and mirthless. I have never experienced this before even though I know exactly what this composure is - the armor that keeps away creepy ass men."

"But I only have a complete understanding of this context because I've experienced female socialization. If I hadn't, I would have thought this coldness was a conspiracy against me devised by roughly half the human population. Even now, with all that I know about navigating the world as a woman, I'm failing to convince my monkey-brain that this armor isn't social rejection."

"The human species looks so much colder standing from this side."

I REALLY feel for the OP and hope he's doing okay. Being friends with a lot of LGBT people, I've known some trans men and these feelings are unfortunately not uncommon at all. This sense of isolation has even made some of them de-transition because they couldn't handle it.

This post is both brutal and informative, and definitely worth sharing here.