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Why are male feminist spaces more racist than anti-feminist spaces?

September 17, 2022

I am 17, half-Mexican, and have autism, I have slightly slanted eyes, a beard, mustache, and brown-looking hair, everyone in my family says I look more Mexican than white but everyone online who is ignorant and doesn’t know I’m half-Mexican, says I look white when it’s only my race, not my appearance, to make it even worse, I have autism, and mostly people from white cultures are diagnosed with autism.

Sometimes I feel uncomfortable even around other white people, even Mormon ones, I don’t look white and I’m slightly buff and have been working out for 18 days, which is four weeks and four days, and I’ve eaten more healthier, I grew up Mormon too and noticed that fully white people in Mormon culture look down upon you if you don’t look white or are a biracial white.

I want to start learning Vietnamese because of the music and maybe move to Vietnam one day and try and find someone who is Vietnamese as my partner, I would try and find a Mexican partner but the problem is that I’m not interested in Mexican culture and I feel Vietnamese people are probably a lot more accepting of my appearance than Mexican people are, what do you all think? I honestly think all the male feminist subreddits are more racist.

I once went to r/exredpill and r/menslib and they told me that my post was off-topic when it wasn’t and deleted it because they didn’t want to discuss any race-related issues related to men with autism, but I felt it was important because a lot of Hispanic men with autism are left with zero support and socially isolated because of their appearance and gaslighted by feminists, and most of them tend to be biracial whites who visit their families in Mexico.

I honestly think the pro-male feminist subreddits made me way more uncomfortable as an autistic male who is half-Mexican and that they tend to be way more racist, I think anti-feminists are way more diverse than pro-feminist spaces, it really sucks.

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