I see a lot of posts on Reddit about how ugly men should improve their personality or how some girl knows a 4'11 balding ugly Indian man she likes but it's because he's funny and charming and respects women but today I want to show women's true feelings for ugly men. Women absolutely hate ugly men, it's in their nature to do so. Breeding with an ugly man means carrying unattractive children, it goes against their primal instincts. The reason women hate incels so much for example is because it's a group of unattractive men complaining about their situation, which to women means complaining about getting rejected aka not accepting they're gonna die alone which makes women automatically suspect and fear rape even if it's not the case. Another example is how women will treat any unattractive man that posts his face with some confidence on this site. r/teenagers is one of the only honest places you can find women's opinions, i posted myself there when I was younger and I got roasted mainly by women. and

When they're young they don't lie and gaslight as much. Now let's show some actual scientific evidence that women hate ugly men:

Women feel sexual disgust when even talking to an unattractive man https://www.researchgate.net/publication/317273311_Disgust_Trumps_Lust_Women's_Disgust_and_Attraction_Towards_Men_Is_Unaffected_by_Sexual_Arousal

70% of women would avoid someone solely based on their looks, compared to 31% of men


Women care more about looks then men and lie about it more:


A man's personality only matters to a woman if he meets her basic looks cutoff first


Women are less likely to use a condom with an attractive partner


A man's masculinity and physical attractiveness predicts a woman's chance of orgasm


A man's physical attractiveness to other women predicts his partner's chance of orgasm


It's obvious from this that looks are indeed most important and that women do feel strong disgust towards unattractive men. Now I'm not supporting the black pill as average men can still do well I'm just showing the truth about women see unattractive men. Although unattractive men can still maximize their chances by going overseas or getting rich.