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women only hate 🍇 because they only imagine ugly men doing it.

March 9, 2023

The real conversation that no one's willing to have. 🤭🤭🤭😂😂😂

Women only hate 🍇 because they can only imagine an ugly man doing it to them. They aren't imagining some 6'3-6'5, fit tiktok prettyboy, with a full head of hair doing it to them, because they know that a man like that doesn't have to resort to 🍇 to get sex. Also, because women WANT TO HAVE SEX with that kind of man, and so any sudden sexual advances from such a man would be unexpected sure, but still accepted because the man is physically attractive.

No, they are probably imagining some average to short height, gymmaxed, average to ugly looking, bald dude, doing it to them. Someone wholly unattractive to them, but is too physically imposing to escape from.

And that's what so bad about 🍇, being forced to have sex with someone you are unattracted to (AKA the bottom 70-80% of men according to women). It's not the suddenness of the act itself, but literally by definition, non-consensual sex. And since women WANT TO to have sex with the most physically attractive men at the top, they do not want to be in a position where they are having sex with a man they DON'T FIND physically attractive.

For men who are straight, and don't understand what I'm talking about, it's quite simple. You wouldn't want a guy feeling up your private parts out of nowhere, and you would probably neither want a landwhale to either. Why? Because you are physically unattracted to these people, and so the idea of any of them initiating sexual contact with you is repulsive to you.

But let's say, it was prime Megan Fox wearing her skimpy outfit from the end of the first transformers movie. And you are conversating with her in a private location somewhere and she starts feeling you up out of the sudden. You might be caught off guard, of course, and you won't be repulsed necessarily, but you will probably be suspicious as to why such a hot girl completely out of your league is making sexual contact with you. When she manages to calm you down and convinces you that she really DOES genuinely like you and wants to be with you, I gurantee you 95% of straight men will literally just be like "oh what the hell" and go with it.

And that's that, 🍇 isn't necessarily the suddenness of the act in itself, but someone you find unattractive and would NEVER consent to because they are unattractive to you.

TLDR: women only hate 🍇 cause they are imagining men they dont find physically attractive doing it to them.

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You obviously have no understanding on the subject so please do not speak of it

[–]RatDontPanicAverage Unfrustrated Chump 2 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

You're an idiot. Please cut your ethernet cable forever and get help.

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I think the main reason is they know they have pussy power. I think rape is awful but I spoke to a woman once who said she'd rather her arm be amputated than be raped.

I was blown away.

But yeah I think they know that they can use their pussy to get what they want. Men do what she wants because she can leverage that power.

Losing that power is a woman's worst nightmare. They'd have to actually earn stuff and maybe even depend on a man to be her protector, so for her she imagines the victim porn false take on the early 1900s marriage.

[–]inkvell83[S] -1 points0 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Hmm, interesting 🤔

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No I think it's every other aspect of it, you weirdo.

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