Feminism is filled with Psychopaths

July 16, 2019

Their behavior is often self evidently psychopathic.

But we men often over look or ignore this truth.

But, psychopaths have well known and established defenses, which you can easily recognise in feminists you will deal with. Here are examples;

They will brigade sub's like this, but complain if their space is exposed. They have a superiority complex.

They project their faults. Projection is a standard psychopathic trait.

They argue excessively - they are trying to intimidate you

They gaslight - they will provoke you IRL to react in order to create a set of legitimate appearing grievances so they have power over you.

Like the mythical vampire, they have actual vulnerabilities, which are as follows;


Their own behavior is not of a morally superior nature but rather proves the opposite

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