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July 14, 2020

Teachers mark girls higher for IDENTICAL work to boys (OECD study). Furthermore, a boy will receive 1/3 higher grade in reading tests if the techer does not know he is a boy (OECD) From kday 1 of early yers education they also grade boys lower despite them objectively getting higher test scores

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This is an unpopular fact as it widely held in society that women and girls are discriminated against in education and in work. Note, added data on higher female government grants in education also ($6 billion per year more than men in USA)

Over then entire OECD countries globally, a large scale study showed that girls were given higher marks for IDENTICAL work to boys. OECD also showed that a boy receives 1/3 higher grade if the teacher does not know he is a boy. Interestingly this gender gap goes away when it is a male teacher doing the marking.


Cornwell found that boys in all racial categories are not being “commensurately graded by their teachers” in any subject “as their test scores would predict.”

The answer lies in the way teachers, who are statistically mostly women, evaluate students without reference to objective test scores. Boys are regularly graded well below their actual academic performance.

Boys are falling significantly behind in grades, “despite performing as least as well as girls on math tests, and significantly better on science tests.”

After fifth grade, he found, student assessment becomes a matter of “a teacher’s subjective assessment of the student’s performance”, and is further removed from the guidance of objective test results. Teachers, he says, tend to assess students on non-cognitive, “socio-emotional skills.” This has had a significant impact on boys’ later achievement because, while objective test scores are important, it is teacher-assigned grades that determine a child’s future with class placement, high school graduation and college admissibility.

Eliminating the factor of “non-cognitive skills…almost eliminates the estimated gender gap in reading grades”, Cornwell found. He said he found it “surprising” that although boys out-perform girls on math and science test scores, girls out-perform boys on teacher-assigned grades.

The report also found that:

  • At primary level 85% of teachers are female. This has remained roughly the same since 2003.
  • At secondary level the percentage of male teachers has fallen steadily at first and later precipitously from 40% in 2003 to 31.7% in 2012.

It has been shown that boys and girls do better in reading when they have a same sex teacher. Just one year with a male teacher reduced the reading gap by 1/3 for 13 year old boys. It has als been shown:


Source: Zayas, V., & Jampol, L. (2020, March 5). Gendered white lies: Women are given inflated performance feedback compared to men.

In another study in the work place researchers asked supervisors to grade two poorly written essays and to provide feedback directly to each writer over chat, so that the writer could improve. At this point, the writers' names (Andrew or Sarah) were revealed, revealing that one was a man, the other a woman. Participants submitted a grade to each writer, as well as substantive comments to improve their essays.

Participants were more likely to tell white lies to the woman writer, inflating Sarah's grades nearly a full letter grade higher than from their initial private evaluation. They also gave her more positive comments than they gave Andrew. In contrast, the man's in-person feedback was statistically indistinguishable from the participants' undisclosed evaluations of his work.

Please note: When this study was reported, it was reported as being discrimination towards women as their performance was being upgraded and they weret being given correct feedback, rather than the more obvious statement, that men are being disrimnated against and women work is being marked up.


Boys 'being held back by women teachers' as gender stereotypes are reinforced in the classroom

Christian Hoff Sommers explains how boys are being punished for normal behaviours:

Do Schools discrimiante against boys: Dr. Jim Dueck, author, former Assistant Deputy Minister of Education for the province of Alberta, and former head of Accountability and Student Assessment, performed a revealing analysis on current practices in student assessment. The results were not only remarkable but very disturbing, exposing what might well be an institutional suppression of the performance of male students.

Related, despite a widely held view to the contrary, in a large scale national study, women are favoured 2:1 over IDENTICAL or even slightly more qualified men in STEM applicationss but gender BLIND helps men significantly, and the latter is now becoming less commonly applied as a result.

This could go to explain why many prominent claims of discrimination have failed as there is a perceived bias but on investigation, this is proved false e.g. US womens football team equal pay claim led to the judge saying the women were paid more than men, or women suing Google only for Googles results to show they were paying mens less.


Females given $6 billion per year more in grants by government for education despite being the overwhelming majoirty in university

There are also 11 female only scholarships per 1 male one, with some universities have 100 female only scholarships and none for men, again despite men being a minority in university, and in alsmost all courses (even in STEM technically men are a minority, its only a few specfic subjects e.g. physics, computer science that men are a majority while women are a majority in Medicine, Biology, Nursing, Psychology, Veteniary Medicine etc)

At home (similar ins school):

Boys are more likely to receive corporal punishment from their parents then girls (source). They are also, in general, more likely to recieve severe verbal and physical punishment from both mothers and fathers (source). Some studies indicate the difference is less pronounced at the home and may be non-significant in the first years of infancy (source), but the difference is still present in the same direction as it is in schools for most of adolescence.

Can something be done? Of course:

This school took a boy friendly approach. What was applied is explaied in detail. Boys performance rocketed, gender gap went and girls performance went up nearly as much too. Current system is bad for everyone but it just s happens it massively favours girls. I think it will get worse bad sterotypes about boys and now literally every other story about manspreading, mansplaining, toxic masculinty, menaretrash (real hashtag on twitter) all will not help. There is no political will... in the UK the head of uni admissions even said she thinks its a scandal no one is doing anything about plumetting uni levels for boys and if any other group it would be an outrage.... Uni of Arizona has 160 female only scholarships and 2 male ones despite women outnumbering men in almost every single degree... in the very few that they dont in STEM (not even all stem, for example more female medics, biology, vets) they are actively recruiting girls but doing nothing for boys

Telegraph article on number of men in teaching, and techers openly admitting to sexism in favour of girls:

I do know from my own direct experience that many young women of the 1960s and 1970s went into teaching inspired by a feminist mission to raise the self-esteem and the social position of girls. I could name at least half a dozen women teachers I knew personally in the later decades of the last century who were proud to say that they favoured girls in class to make up for the oppression of women in the past. The moral dubiety – and outright sexist prejudice - of inflicting second-class treatment on little boys who could bear no personal responsibility for those alleged (and profoundly questionable) historical crimes never seemed to trouble those apostles of equality. Men are hardly likely to become primary school teachers because they feel they owe a duty to their sex

By the same token, I can name a similar number of feminist commentators in the media/political establishment who celebrated the rise of educational attainments for girls in school as evidence that females are, by birth and nature, superior to males. As girls overtook boys in grades and exam results at all levels throughout the education system, those sisters were cock-a-hoop at their gender’s triumph – never acknowledging that the advantage of one sex must have been bought at the expense of the other. Not one Secretary of State for Education in the last 40 years has expressed concern that the gender divide in academic achievement reflected a worrying ethos in schools that imposed disadvantage and inequality on boys. They wouldn’t dare.

Along with the politicians, men, as a whole, simply gave in to this feminist-driven growth of inequality with the bovine supinity which has characterised their outlook for the last half century. Have you ever met a man who was fretting anxiously that his own son/s were being unfairly treated at school?

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