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Man this stuff is so good

June 14, 2019

This stuff is so eye opening and ground breaking. If you had any fucks left to give, let them go, because fucking hell, it’s over.

It’s easier to get on with my day and not give a fuck about any of this women shit anymore. It’s relieving to know that none of them have any morals and I never ever have to give a Fuck about any shit they might come out with.

I’m thankful these experiments are so easy to set up, to understand, and to pass on to each other. I really can’t imagine what the future would be like if all men got to see things like this, but I somewhat look forward to it.

It really would be so beneficial if someone made an easily readable archive of all of these. So when this sub gets nuked, these will remain. Something very easy to help awaken lost men, and to fend off any numales or foids who want to get in the way.

Thanks for all the hard work. It’s definitely appreciated.

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