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The future of online dating thanks to chadfish

June 22, 2019

I think chadfishing is going to destroy or at least seriously hinder online dating and perhaps dating in general. Throw a bit of leverage back towards men.

Black pill and red pill concepts are mostly conceptual until we see examples and those with a pro feminist agenda use the ambiguity to attack the credibility of these idea.

But AFBB has never been clearer with the examples we now have. Sure there are weak minded men who will believe the weak justification that these are photoshopped, but ultimately more men than ever are going to wake up from this.

The feminist reaction is going to sway even harder than it sways right now, in an attempt to deny the truth and people more than ever are going to be forced to pick a hard side, due to the hard evidence on one side and the hard ideology on the other.

Look at the way people go after Jordan Peterson because he offers a fairly CENTRIST view. By today’s standards they attempt to call that ‘alt right’.

It’s all a Fucking mess. Be glad you are in the know at this point in your life and not later. Maybe you can make the most of it. That means giving up on women, being happy with very low SMV options (where available), finding a situation that works for your SMV (going abroad) or setting up a regular paid interaction.

Also I’ll say it again. I hope someone is archiving this shit. Because this will get wiped out soon and the content here is incredibly valuable.

Once women become more aware of chadfish as a concept they’ll stop being so open in their messages (and only open about their degeneracy in person with chad) in order to sway social perception and power back to their side. Let’s make the most of this while we can.

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