Medical Cost & Rights Advice Needed

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Short Story- My ex-wife had an MRI done on my daughter for "migraines" after I made it known I did not support this or think it necessary right now, the doc did not recommend, and my ex wife straight up declined the doc's advice on medication/treatment protocols... "just to see if we (the doc) missed anything... shocker, there was no evidence in anything wrong.

The bill is $1,750. She is expecting me to pay half, which even half is 27% higher than my monthly child support payment.

Order portion of medical bill is attached along w her "rights," which she thinks her opinion always supersedes mine and she clearly thinks she's smarter than a neurologist. I need to understand if this is considered "unreasonable cost" or if I am just screwed and have to pay $875 just because she went against doc advisement and my wishes- medical decisions are supposed to be decided on jointly.

Other notes-

- My ex wife conveniently pushed for all of this after I ceased contact with her because her attempts to cause disruption in my household (need for center of attention and control) with my wife, my daughter, and other child had become extremely toxic. She was a wedge from afar and we finally saw the wolf in sheep's clothing. I think this is her newest attempt to force communication and play passive aggressive money games to punish me for refusing to engage with her.

- My daughter was being about 50% compliant with doc orders of drinking water, eating better, and wearing her glasses. My ex wife declined the doctor's recommendation of a prescription then pushed for an MRI after the doctor said it was not necessary. I have been a paramedic for 14 years and I also said no to an MRI at this time and explained why it was not necessary. She did it anyway and ran it on my insurance and of course it was not covered bc the doc did not recommend it AND

- I have a very high suspicion that these "migraines" are actually headaches or aren't really happening at all. I have noticed a pattern of attention grabbing behavior over the last few years as new siblings were born in both households. Like I said, I am a paramedic of 14 years for an emergency department... I can tell pretty easily when symptoms are being exasperated. Plus my ex wife is a complete hypochondriac and causes my daughter unnecessary anxiety about her and wellness and my daughter has figured out how to work her mom pretty well with the playing hooky game.