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Moving forward. Coming to so many realizations

June 30, 2020

Been divorced since march. This journey has been quite eventful overall. Long story short, I’m starting to appreciate who I am again. I’m still working on improving myself and fixing what needed to be fixed, however, I’m starting to internally accept myself for who I am and realize I am not a bad person. I’m relaxing there is good in this world and life is truly worth living for.

Being with a toxic individual for 6.5 years can really do damage to ones mental health.

Here’s my question fellas, something we have all thought about, looking back at your past marriage, when did the first “Red Flag” pop up and why did you choose to ignore it?

Mine is this-

We were Celebrating her first birthday together as a couple. I planned a very special evening. Dinner at a very expensive Japanese steakhouse (her choice), movie, drive throughout the city, showered with gifts, the works. What was the red flag you may ask? I was so entirely focused on making the day perfect I honestly forgot to get her a birthday cake.

You would of thought her entire world crashed and burned. We got into quite the fight over a damn birthday cake. Forget the special day I planned, she turned into total B**** mode and was quite the devil.

God bless you all. Looking forward to your comments.

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