This quote is straight out of the narcissist handbook bc it’s more about her and what you do for her, rather than making you believe she misses you.

Once it’s over, it’s finito. Whether she says she wants to take a break, or she seems colder, trust your instincts. It’s over. Don’t let her soften you up with prospects of emotional comfort and physical love. She made her bed, and now she has to lie in it. Don’t be ruthless and laugh at her bc she chose to behave wrongly or chose wrong. Be amicable, be wise, and have your heart guarded. It’s ok to be cordial but you need to be wise as the cunning serpent and have the innocent interactions of a dove. Diplomacy is always the best option.

And remember, the best revenge isn’t going tic for tac with her. It’s actually withdrawing your attention and pretending as though she doesn’t exist anymore. That is why grey rocking is so effective. And the really best revenge is living your best life and being the self actualized and self improved version that your potential will allow.

Always be forward thinking. If you catch yourself reminiscing or feeling nostalgic, automatically tell yourself, “what’s next?” The next thing will add value to your life when before you had a huge leech on you that sucked your emotions and energy. You are free more than you think.