Edit: To clarify the title, I only ever had one wife.

I'll never forget the feeling of loneliness when I was telling my wife something that happened at work today, and she started laughing mid-story and turned her phone around and showed me a tiktok of a cat. I just stared at her and she goes, "Sorry what were you saying?"

That broke my heart a little. She became so addicted to her phone we could never talk. She'd sigh and roll her eyes if I asked her to get off the couch and turn off tiktok for once. When I finally told her she was on her phone too much and we needed to set boundaries, (I now know she was cheating, hence the phone obsession) she left. She was planning it for months, I later discovered. She was waiting to be able to hide money and claim DV on me. AP and my MIL were scheming together to cause this.