For you legal minded people here, I need some advice please. So I'm UK based, I've been separated from my wife nearly two years. I'm in the final stages of our divorce, where we are discussing settlement via mediation. Divorce itself is at decree nisi stage (conditional order).

Conditions at my job had been very poor for a few years. An opportunity came for voluntary redundancies, which I took, because after working for a quarter of a century there and my age, another opportunity like that will never come again.

At this point, going into the next mediation session, do I ask this pot of redundancy money to be ring fenced as I am out of work and need to support myself, children, mortgage, bills, until I find myself a new job. Obviously, her side are aware, but this came about nearly two years after separation and after declaring each others financial positions.

The redundancy package is not a marital asset in my opinion, given that it was not in existence during the course of the 17 year marriage, and its purpose is to compensate me for the loss of employment.

Any piece of advice to help me will be welcome, thanks