First, the history and context:

The misandry subreddit had existed for quite a while, but it had been captured by misandrists. Sexists got themselves into mod positions, made a few satirical posts mocking the idea of misandry, concluded that misandry doesn't real, and then they locked the whole sub.

That's why I had to make this sub: sexism is a serious issue, and it warrants a non-ironic forum to examine and discuss sexism as it pertains to men. I don't think anyone operating in good faith can deny that. The question of whether misogyny is worse is irrelevant; that doesn't make misandry non-existent or inconsequential. Misandry is a valid sociological concept.

Fast forward to August 1, 2021. Reddit admins announced that dormant subs were all going to be liberated, effective immediately, to free up subreddits that were just being squatted on. That action put r/misandry up for grabs. An enterprising redditor acquired the sub and started setting it back up for its non-ironic purpose, building a mod team and a rule set, etc. Myself and several of the LWMA mods were a part of that effort, as were a few others. I was getting ready to shutter this place and direct you guys to that sub as the main misandry-related subreddit. That's what this announcement was supposed to be.

Today, without any warning, r/misandry has been banned. Apparently, the reason supplied was ban evasion (attempting to recreate a banned community??). Needless to say, that reasoning is utterly baffling and shocking to those of us involved. There is only one clue, which leads to my second point: mgtow.

You might be aware that the mgtow subreddit was also banned today, as were many mgtow ban evasion subs. For anyone unfamiliar, mgtow was a men's sub that I'm told contained quite a bit of misogyny. So regarding the ban of r/misandry, the most charitable explanation I can think of is that it was an error; due to the timing of all this, r/misandry was perhaps mistaken for a mgtow ban refuge sub. For the record, it most certainly was NOT that.

While we appeal what appears to be an administrative mistake, let me be very explicit about this sub:

This sub has absolutely no affiliation with MGTOW, nor will it ever. This sub exists to document misandry. Mgtow rhetoric is off-topic and unwelcome here.