Originally posted this on the Left-Wing Male Advocates sub and got re-directed here.

This is the actual title of a book I noticed at work earlier at my bookstore job when I was going the rounds and noticed it in the personal growth/self-help section. I mean wow, how does is this book NOT blatantly misandrist with it's title? I read the summary on the back and it tells women how to spot predatory men and common ways men prey on women, and more about women's safety as such. As usual, not a peep about men's safety as well in addition. Is the author also going to do a book about how to spot dangerous women and the ways women prey on and harm men? Both men and women are a danger to one another and are capable of the same terrible things but as usual, only the men we have to be wary of.

I'm fed up with this anti-male, fearmongering BS that demonizes men as a whole and fails to acknowledge that women can also be very dangerous, predatory and violent. Towards men, women, children and animals. Why not just write a book telling both men AND women alike how to spot dangerous people? But as usual, it has to be made into a gendered thing.

The book's author is Sandra L. Brown and I'm not sure of the publisher but both should definitely be boycotted.