I assume most of you know who Marcotte is. She's one of the early players the gender culture war we have today. Yet this article is probably the dumbest shit she ever said (yet) in her whole career.

She's basically blaming the Twitter Blue Checkmark debacle on...incels? Regardless of how you feel about Elon Musk and Twitter right now, this is just dumb. This has so many layers on dumbness I'm not even going to bother explain why, because this is self-evident to any people with at least half a neuron working.

"But if you listen to the perpetually aggrieved right-wing dorks who make up Musk's fan base, you'd think the blue check mark is a trophy being handed out by the Holy Order of Sex-Having Woke Elites. "Elite," of course, is defined not by someone having real power or money in the world, but by the parlance of right-wing resentment. Which is to say it's mostly about incel or incel-lite dudes who obsessively fear that liberals are cooler than they are, a fear that gets reinforced by their own suckiness and also because liberals would rather pull their own fingernails out than have a conversation with them."

Why am I sharing this? Feminists write dumb shit every day. What makes this one stand out?

It stands out because it makes transparent the way feminists are dehumanizing unattractive men. It's not tongue-in-cheek. Marcotte wouldn't have written that if she didn't think it to at least some extent. This is why I said I'm unsure if I should laugh or cry. As an unattractive man, it hurts especially knowing that the Left isn't supposed to praise social hierarchies based on attractiveness.

"All of this only lends credence to the theory that libertarianism largely exists as an ideology because social miscreants get attached to the idea that money should matter more than social skills or reputation."

Hey, how about a world where neither money nor social skills matter and instead everyone is treated with dignity? No? Ok nevermind.

We're in the 2020's. Social darwinism has become left-wing apparently.