Oh, no, don't worry! That's not hate speech; it's within Reddit's content policy.

Explicitly encouraging hate against men is within Reddit's content policy because Reddit admin thinks it's okay to attack men as a group.

Since Reddit's policy self-admittedly boils down to "Remember the human", it's not a stretch to say that Reddit actively dehumanizes men.

"It's just Reddit" - Yes, it's only the world's most popular discussion forum. It's a nexus where people form and grow their political and philosophical perspectives. It's where culture wars are being waged. It's where propaganda is being spread.

Men deserve an even playing field in a forum that's not short form and very social like Twitter or very public like Facebook.

On Reddit your comments don't depend on social status or networks but the quality of what you say - and what we're saying tends to be long-form.

In short, discussion forums are an arena in which men have traditionally and generally both preferred and excelled.

Maybe it's not a coincidence that Reddit mods and admin are to determinedly anti-male and have increased the social aspects of Reddit while also giving mods more ways to create echo chambers and writing misleadingly-titled posts that insist women are the most, and only, harmed gender on Reddit.

The latter post is titled "Prevalence of Hate Directed At Women" and found that 0.3% of comments are hateful towards women. (They didn't measure hate against men.)

The head of the Reddit Safety team concluded with:

Finally, we will also be using this work to identify outlier communities that need a little…love from the Safety team.

So I wrote to them and pointed out that men need love from the Safety team because they are the ones who are acceptably hated on Reddit. And I provided examples, including the above. And I asked why Reddit cares so little about men, with heart and authenticity.

....So if you never hear from ol' peanutbutterjams again, you can probably figure out why.

Note: I copy-pasted my post from LWMA to this sub with permission from a mod.