During a three-hour debate on Ukraine, not a single mention was made on behalf of the men of Ukraine (Russian men did get a brief mention, for being under-trained canon fodder).

Yet Wera Hobhouse, the Liberal Democrat Party Spokesperson for Women and Equalities, did give special mention to Ukrainian women. Bear in mind that Ukraine's armed forces are around 900,000 and the number of women included in that number is about 50,000, only 20% of whom are in roles that could put them on the front line.

Women are casualties of war and conflict, but they are very often overlooked. Women, including those who fight alongside men, suffer in a uniquely gendered way.

Then Hobhouse makes it worse by compounding the idea that it is only women who ever suffer from battlefield sexual violence, which is proven many times to be a complete lie:

...By June, the UN human rights monitoring team had received reports of 124 alleged incidents of sexual violence...

Inadvertently, she highlights that it is men who are having it rough, being forced to stay behind in the country. Of course, that is not her focus when she says:

The majority of people fleeing Ukraine are women and children... Refugees are safest when they have options...

Indeed, the women are safe. Safer than disabled and elderly men, even, let alone the men of similar age whom they have been demanding 'equality' with. But Hobhouse hasn't finished dismissing any care of men when she includes in her wrapping-up this statement:

We should not underestimate the substantial trauma that women and children will have suffered.

Not a peep about men. That's what the world has come to expect of misandrists hiding under the label of "Women and Equalities" ministers.