I hate it so much when misandrists claim women can't be sexist to men when this is so blatantly untrue. Sexism is wrong in all of it's forms and women can absolutely be sexist against men as much as men can be against women, but as usual female on male sexism is always brushed aside and shrugged off because it's supposedly not "systematic" (a favorite term of misandrists when deflecting from sexism men face). Sexism is a two-way street and both men and women can be terribly sexist and discriminatory against one another, but as usual, misandrists like to downplay the struggles and challenges that men and boys face and try to make it seem like anything affecting them is trivial and not worth worrying about. Which goes to show they don't care about equality one bit. It's actually pretty disgusting and sexist against women too, because they're essentially exploiting hardships that women also face and using them to further their own bigoted agenda. It's a huge slap in the face to women who actually have put up with sexism and misogyny.

This is such a harmful narrative that needs to be challenged and changed. Men can and do experience sexism from women just as much as the other way around and it's disgusting and wrong either way. Contrary to what misandrists always love to claim, misandry does exist and is not only real and a serious problem, but one that's overlooked and as long as it's ignored it'll only continue to do more harm. Misogyny is rightfully condemned and misandry needs to have the same done for it. Both are horrible and disgusting. One has the right to their own beliefs and opinions, but not their own facts and it's an undeniable fact that misandry is real and that men can and do experience sexist treatment from women just as much as the other way around.