No two ways about it. Misandry and misogyny both exist, both are equally reprenhensible, and it's time for the former to be recognized and condemned as much as the latter. It pisses me off so much when you have misandrists who deny misandry being real or claim that men never experience sexism or that misandry doesn't systematically affect men. Then what do you call there being a lack of campaigns to end violence against men, the constant failure to acknowledge male victims of things like domestic violence/abuse, rape, sexual harassment/assault, etc. men still being required to register with the selective service and how badly boys do in schools? Not to mention the beyond ignorant, sexist and dangerous mantra of "believe all women" and sexist campaigns like the stupid Gillette ad, only calling for men to be held accountable. When misandrists say that misandry and sexism doesn't affect men on a systematic level that's just another way they like to deflect from the fact that men also face struggles and challenges, and trying to make it that women are the only ones affected or worth caring about.

I equally abhor both misandry and misogyny. Both exist and both are equally wrong and harmful, and that's that.