Shared this on LWMA and figured it was worth sharing here as it's an an example of misandry. Stumbled onto this tweet when it was shared on another account I came to. This was from a recent tweet by that absolute joke of an organization UN Women. So never mind that 89% of journalists who die are men and that men still make up for the majority of homicides (and many are also killed by women), it's apparently only the women who are worth standing up for. How this organization gets funding and is legit is beyond me. How about standing up for both male AND female journalists? Journalists and especially those who go on dangerous assignments in places like war zones and such are all vulnerable but as usual, it's only the female victims who matter and with the male victims, it's "Eh, whatever." This organization is blatantly bigoted against men and boys. More of the usual "women most affected" nonsense. I hate this one or the other way of thinking.

UN Women is a complete embarrassment of an organization, and I feel embarrassed for women in general when an organization like this claims to represent them. "Stop targeting women journalists?" How about stop targeting ALL journalists? This is blatant gender discrimination against men and goes to further show how misandry is perfectly acceptable in society. UN Women should count as a hate group.