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People believe and feel what they're told

December 28, 2022

At times in the past women have been treated like crap by men. That's because the elites. Royals etc were run by men. The elites also treated 99% of men like crap. Misandry is the equivalent of guilt tripping a white working class English man about slavery. The average working class persons ancestors would have been treated worse than slaves. My great grandmother worked as a servant, they made her change her name to sound more 'servanty'. My grandfather remembers seeing a group of 15 or 16 young men in his village playing horseshoe, a week later they had all been conscripted and killed in WW1. My father owns a book by a historian (can't remember the name) published in 1820, there are first hand accounts of men living 5 miles from the sea, that had never seen the sea, they were tied to the land as workers and weren't allowed to leave. Everyone was treated like crap in the past, black, white, male, female all by the ruling classes. I can't help thinking woke garbage is being pumped out by the media just to keep us fighting amongst ourselves while the ruling classes sit back. Most people care about what the media tells them to care about, just look at the last 2 years!

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