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r/Againstmensrights tolerate males victim blaming.

November 27, 2022


The post automaticially assumed that the one who posted in the screenshot is an MRA(aka the bad guys) despite the fact that he/she just posted info about male rape victim.Really show how much they care about mens.

The post also didnt censored the username like required by anti brigading rule in Here .And their subreddit dont even have an anti brigading rule,which make the user vulnerable to harassment.

Now to the comment:

Ok, without reading any of the data, I'm gonna guess this is probably technically true, but with a slight caveat.

Most of that 80% probably consists of statutary rape where the male victim is like a year or two under age and the female offender is like a couple years older than he is. And in the majority of those cases (again, this is just me guessing) the male was probably the one to initiate it.

Is it still gross? Yeah. Is it the same as what usually comes to mind when people use the word "rape"? No. Not even close.

-Not only did she admit she didnt read the data.But she then make a much of sexist assumption that bascially say that males rape victim either deserve it or that it is because he is acting slutty.

Actually, it seems like the criteria for made to penetrate goes far wider in scope than any female rape cases. I suspect that if rape went so far as "made to penetrate", there wouldn't be any man that couldn't come to risk of being a rapist.

Observe this table - from a paper they're all basing their research on - there's definitely some things that overlap with the traditional idea of rape, but a lot of these things would become radioactive if a woman claimed they were rape, like:

1.Telling lies, threatening to end the relationship, threatening to spread rumors about you, making promises you knew were untrue, or continually verbally pressuring you after you said you didn’t want to

2.Showing displeasure, criticizing your sexuality or attractiveness, getting angry but not using physical force, after you said you didn’t want to

Just those two factors make up a third of the men who were made to penetrate. I can't see Misters being happy with a greater majority of men being rapists. Holy shit, the men who would be rapists alone because the girl thought there was a relationship on the cards.

- a MOD then respond to it which bascially said that if you are a men,being blackmailed into sex isnt rape.And the basicially ASSUMED out of nowhere that if the same standard is use for women then a lot of men will be rapist,despite the fact that nowhere in the orginal post said they use different standard for women.

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Please redact identifying information. Removed.

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I presume that AgainstMensRights is a goldmine of misandrist content?

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This post isnt as bad as the other one that I documented,but the REALLY disturbing part is that when a women accused a mens of rape,their sub get mad at even the THOUGHT that the men might be innocent,but when it is a men "IT's hIS FaULt fOr iNicITaTing iT (source:my ass)"


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The fact that subreddit exists is insane.

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