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R.I.P. to the new r/Misandry (2021-2021)

August 5, 2021

And a great opportunity to remember that FDS actually had the same objective as a banned community, but the rules do not apply to them:

Let's first take a quick look at rainisthelife's other attempts to formate a reactionary sub, because she likes it so much when people are reminded of that. Rainisthelife is not only the founder of FDS, but also of the banned hate-sub TheFairerSex:


Lol I think it’s funny that you felt the need to wedge in TFS and it’s “failure” to someone (Liz) that doesn’t even know what that sub was and certainly wasn’t a part of it. Liz only joined us with the rise of FDS. Sounds like you’ve been holding onto quite a grudge and an opportunity for some weird kind of payback about a group of people that really shouldn’t concern you. Yikes.


[...] I was even with you in the initial comments and it may have been plausible that you didn’t actually care about the sub and the history of its existence...right until you brought up TFS, as a reminder to everyone that it failed. Once you did that, your intent was pretty obvious. [...]

Actually, TFS did not only share its objective, as seen in these posts, with FDS:

Objective of TFS:


[...] You all really brought this upon yourselves. The tactics on the red pill is why I started this sub in the first place and your hate is actually fueling its growth and drawing like-minded women to us and they’re thriving off the advice we give them. And I’m very much real and mean every word I say on here, the fact that this sub tiggers people like you and gives you sleepless nights, has been so worth it. So thank you! Y’all are making this sub grow beyond what I ever imagined it would become! 🙌


[...] I love being “equally bad”. Because that’s what men deserve. And until women use more men and discard them like the trash they are, you idiots will never learn. [...]

Objective of FDS:


Actually MGTOW existed much longer than this sub ever did. And actually fueled the creation of this sub. And as long as MGTOW exists, we will continue to treat men like trash and use them for money and free food. Your bitter incel tears about it is satisfying to watch and makes this all worth it. Cry more failure! 🤣


[...] Because red pill and MGTOW subs have existed long before we have. And so those man-hating(sic! - she meant women-hating, as seen in the following comment) subs ARE THE EXACT REASON THAT WE EXIST. They came first, we’re a reactionary sub. And a justified one. Your tears and opinions about this sub are as irrelevant as you are. We don’t care. We will continue to use men to our benefit as we see fit. Cry more!


[...] As long as woman-hate subs like MGTOW, redpill and others exist, we will continue to manipulate men as we see fit. [...]

This is quite ironic, considering this statement:


Successful men that women want do not waste their time desperately trying to trash women on reddit in some weird circlejerk revenge fantasy, while they later go and cry themselves to sleep every night because no woman wants them. I’m not surprised their ability to formulate logic and level of understanding about their post is as low and borderline non-existent as their attractiveness. Also lmao, I thought their last post about us mentioned how they would stop referencing us in their sub? Lol! Bitter males stay triggered, I guess. [...]

Same founder, same objective to "use", "manipulate" and "treat men like trash"... but wait! I said they share more... yeah, rainisthelife actually copied/crossposted a lot of the posts from TFS over to FDS. I won't copy them word by word and instead just give the post ids so you can look it up if you like:

TFS Title TFS id FDS Title FDS id
date_multiple_men au6gks date_multiple_men b2x9f2
the_truth_about_the_divorce_raped_man b46dnc the_truth_about_the_divorce_raped_man b46e0s
redpill_men_have_small_dicks cl1un6 redpill_men_have_small_dicks cl1v1b
what_value_does_he_bring_into_the_relationship 9cbrf5 what_value_does_he_bring_into_the_relationship avb61t
(sic!)what_value_does_he_bring_into_the_relationship aenk04 (sic!)what_value_does_he_bring_into_the_relationship dk4bgn
the_beauty_of_saying_no 8mqvk1 the_beauty_of_saying_no b6ee05
men_are_not_simple_and_neither_are_they_easy_to b6x2t7 men_are_not_simple_and_neither_are_they_easy_to cipx2h

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[–]Kuato2012 4 points5 points  (2 children) | Copy Link

With all of this evidence you've been compiling to show that FDS is a hate subreddit, I was beginning to wonder whether it would be worthwhile to make a post about it in AgainstHateSubreddits. Yeah I know... don't laugh. I mean, that's supposedly their whole raison d'être, right? And anyone with more than two brain cells to run together can plainly see that FDS is a hate sub.

I shit you not, they have the automod set up to automatically delete mentions of FDS and reply with the following message (edited to remove reddit links):

Thanks for your contribution to r-AgainstHateSubreddits.

Your comment referenced r-FemaleDatingStrategy.

r-AgainstHateSubreddits is not an admin-operated subreddit; We do not ban subreddits. We are a group of anti-hatred activists who operate a space where anti-hate activists can document organized hatred and harassment in given subreddits, to petition Reddit to enforce their Sitewide Rules against Promoting Hate and Harassment.

Towards that goal, we require that all contributions petitioning for action against a given subreddit meet several criteria:

1: The subreddit itself must be hosting, promoting, or amplifying a culture of hatred or harassment (there must be evidence of hatred);

2: The subreddit must be public (so it can be captured in offsite archives);

3: The person petitioning for action against the subreddit must be doing so in good faith and with clean hands - without a conflict of interest.

Because participants in misogynist hate subreddits have a conflict of interest with respect to r-FemaleDatingStrategy, we will not accept posts or comments from those submitters which reference r-FemaleDatingStrategy.

This does not reflect on the nature of r-FemaleDatingStrategy.

This notice is automatically generated to respond to mentions of r-FemaleDatingStrategy -- in response to the extremely high volume of bad-faith posts and comments which we have received from participants in misogynistic hate subreddits, complaining about r-FemaleDatingStrategy.

To my knowledge, all references to FDS are deleted and given this message. I've seen the bot message a few times, but no mentions of FDS that have stuck. So it appears that anyone who dares point out that FDS is a hate sub is automatically declared a bad-faith misogynist with a conflict of interest. It raises the question: is there any right way that a person could bring an obvious hate subreddit like FDS to the attention of AHS? You meet their first two qualifications, but I suspect anyone raising the topic is automatically declared to have failed the third.

It's truly astonishing how ideological commitments can hobble people into operating at such a low intellectual and ethical level.

[–]FesseEnChocolat 4 points5 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Imagine being that committed to promote hate towards a demographic on Reddit.

They dont even realise that they themselves confessed that they are a hate group, reactionnqry or not.

Sane people only look at them in a distance, calling them femcels

[–]politicsthrowaway230 2 points3 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

>it would be worthwhile to make a post about it in AgainstHateSubreddits

There have been at least 10.


Though it appears the mods don't like it. Most of them focus on the transphobia and homophobia, but I think that's the easiest way to take down misandrist subs since the overlap between these three things (ableism too) are vast. Misandry rarely stops at just misandry.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (2 children) | Copy Link

[–]DistrictAccurate[S] 1 point2 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

No idea what they thought when creating another one. Was to be expected that they would ban it. Good thing they don't yet flood this one though.

[–]ImportantResults 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

It's banned now I see.

[–][deleted] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

u/rainisthelife is a psychotic narcissist. Also she admitted to cheating on her boyfriends numerous times.

[–]throwaway20210821 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Does anyone have an archive of posts on the r/mensrightsfacts sub? It was also recently banned for the same spurious "ban evasion" claims and I haven't found any archives.

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