I posted this on Left Wing Male Advocates earlier. A recent ad put out by the EE mobile network, claiming that ending sexism isn't women's problem to solve and all sexist hate must end with men. How horribly stupid and ignorant, this ad is just as ridiculous as the Gillette ad back in 2019. Sexism goes both ways and both men and women alike can be horribly sexist to one another, but as usual this is made into an issue that only affects women and men being the only ones who perpetrate sexism. Just as many women are sexist towards men but of course that completely gets ignored and brushed aside. How ironic and hypocritical to attack sexism with more sexism. I'm sick and tired of the male-bashing and misandry being seen as not only acceptable but something to be encouraged. Misogyny and misandry are both awful and the latter is long overdue to be recognized and condemned just as much as the former, but with stupid ads like this it'll just continue to be ignored. As usual, this also absolves women of their responsibilities which are equally shared with men to bring about positive societal change, which won't be achieved as long as it's only men who are blamed and vilified.