I ranted about this a few months back on LWMA and feel it bears repeating here, after seeing a book at work earlier and how a blurb on it mentioned something a "male dominated industry." It's so annoying to hear from misandrists constantly about how the world and society and some industries have always been male-dominated and still is and their usual whining. The world and society at large has never been dominated by men or even women for that matter. Much of civilization was largely built and shaped by men who rose up to help do so but it was never outright dominated by them. For such a male-dominated society, men sure don't have much luck when it comes to male victims of things like domestic abuse, rape, sexual harassment/assault, etc. having much in the way of help or resources, and also how men are the only ones who've ever been required for conscription and how badly boys do in schools and comprise the vast majority of school drop-outs. Also how we practically never hear about end violence against men campaigns or anti-male sexism ever being recognized or condemned.

The world and society is run by both men and women in positions of power, some who earned it and some who didn't, some who are good and some who aren't. But acting like societal problems are largely a male issue is both insulting and ignorant, as well as beyond irritating to constantly hear. Hearing misandrists whine about the world being male-dominated is just another way they like to vilify men and blame them for all that's wrong in the world, and not looking at the bigger picture. Also another way of how they expect and demand special and favorable treatment because of gender. It's another way of deflecting from actual issues at hand. Men and women alike both face their own challenges and hurdles, and they're not due to the world and society being run by men.