Hi guys,

Here are many limiting beliefs i have in regards of relationships, that've been here before i read RP, and RP sort of just confirmed these beliefs :

1 - I should not get into a serious relationship or live with a woman because it will distract me from my purpose. It only brings problems and i could end in some serious problems.

2 - Women will not love me for what i am now (Not rich, still have many room of progress in many areas of my life), so there is no point wasting my time in serious relationships cause at the end of the day she will just leave or try to abuse/benefit from me.

3 - I should never be commited with a woman, because as soon as i do, she loses all love she has for me and she will just cheat on me/leave me.

4 - A woman can't love one man, at some point she'll lose attraction to you and will cheat or start fantasizing about other men.

All these beliefs confort me in the idea that i shouldn't be in a serious relationship, that i should only focus on my purpose and get rich, fuck women to satisfy my sexual needs, and never love one woman, because i'll get disappointed and lose my time.

RP "helped" in the sense that it told me "Yes, all what you think is true, all women are materialistic, opportunists, and will only be here when you'll be at the top, they don't love you for what you are, but for your status". The thing is, these ideas aren't only spread in RP, everyone agrees that status is something very important to women.

So is it just impossible for me to be in a couple now? be upfront about my feelings, my goals, my insecurities, what i'm working on, and same for her, she could have goals etc? And we could be working all together on this, or with a certain distance (to avoid emotional investment and problems that come with it). I know redpillers reading this will say "Haha, bluepilled man, you still think that a woman is capable of loving you the way you want".

I am at a point where i don't know what to think. I think 100% of redpillers are people that had bad breakups or never dated a girl, and when you're in these situations, what RP tells you resonates a lot with you.

I'm open to any dialogue with anyone that wants to challenge/debunk these beliefs.

Thanks people,