For years I've been wondering why is it that if women find so many ways men try to attract them so wrong or creepy or weird

Why aren't women in Mass trying to approach men and learning how to do it?

Everybody wants to fall in love and have relations, but so far there are so many rules and unwritten rules of engagement on what a man should do when he is pursuing a woman

I'm telling you right now, I have gotten women by doing the most anti PC and opposite feminist thing and that's what really is driving me crazy

The nice guys that feminists hate so much and that the internet clowns on are a direct creation of feminism

These guys go out of the way to act extra nice and extra respectful not because they are filled with the seat or hate or think that girls like bad boys, but because...

They've been told every single traditional or old way a man approaches a woman is inherently creepy or wrong and by a lot of guys life experience they have tried a lot of different ways to get a girl into either ended up in rejection or embarrassment and nobody wants to go through that again

These guys extra nice and respectful because they are hoping that the girl will pick up on that and try to build the Gap herself and the fact that a lot of girls cannot pick up on this and even find it unattractive kind of proves the biology doesn't it?

Instead of taking the mask in the roll in making his sexual desire known he is trying to keep it on the low so he does not try to come off as a creep and hoping the girl sees it and is impressed yet I hear so many women say they are turned off by this and that it screams lacking confidence

Which is very telling because as a guy I don't see it but I'm not a girl so I do not know what you're acting like a nice guy does to a girl.

But even in my nice guy days it wasn't because I was lacking confidence it was because every time I thought about hitting on a woman it just seemed sexist and disrespectful

I also wondered why so many women were not taking the reins and asking men out especially considering that women are now stronger and independent

But that's the red pill stereotype isn't it?

Because women are so empowered and so strong that the standards for men are even higher?

Or is it because of feminism that men have been super feminized and because of the very phenomenon I talked above is why there's even a thing as the nice guy.

All of my nice guy traits came from being raised by mostly women

From my mother to teachers to even other female friends told me to just be chill and act cool. Then shoot my shot but every time I did the girl rejected me.