I am a divorcee of a red pilled man and I am trying to find the courage to share my experience.

Today, I found a paper notebook I hid in my arts and crafts box from 2017. Reading the journal entries from it just brought all the pain back. My ex-husband constantly touts the red pill as a 'bitter pill' but implies it is taken for our own good. I was never included in this decision of his, yet despite being advised not to discuss it with me, he did and flooded our relationship and home with it.

I wish I could go back and comfort the 2017 version of me that was hurt, confused, and grieving. I was guilted into believing it was all my fault and if I'd just done more to please him, things would be better. I am still, to this day, seeking clarity and trying to cleanse myself of his efforts to indoctrinate me.