I wouldn’t say I’m red pill or have been red pill. The thing is I’ve never really understood the world and how it worked due to me wasting my life essences on PMO. I wasn’t aware of what I was doing to myself as a kid but as I grew I started getting bored of the same routine over and over again. Around my late 20s I discovered nofap because I wanted to understand women just to get laid I guess you could say. When I searched multiple videos and articles about Nofap and semen retention I ended up finding the red pill. I was amazed and woken up from what I thought how the world worked. Learned what female nature was and how most of us were brainwashed by tv and media. I’m glad I found the red pill and learned about the many things happening to men and women in the western society. I wasn’t originally born in America, I’m black so I viewed red pill videos from whites and blacks. I’ve watched more red pill content from blacks and can say it’s not the same from the white content creators. They say the women rule over the black community more then the men and both have secret hate towards each other. But it’s all rooted to slavery and I’m not going to go deep into that. It’s basically the same thing happening with white people with the Incel groups and chads. Except theirs is a house negro and field negro kind of thing. Sorry, but they really don’t use the word incel in the black red pill spaces. They really have a problem with their women lol and I felt more of a need to listen to the black male spaces just to understand their culture.

Aside from all that I still don’t know what the whole point of this Reddit is and would like a clear understanding from the men here. Like I said with my PMO addiction I got bored of the same routine over and over again. So I did with watching red pill content. They’re always talking about the same topics like it’s new. They’ve drilled it into my head and I’ve applied little of it in my life. I’m not a bad looking guy. I have had women show interest in me, but with PMO there were side effects that kept me from engaging. The Red Pill community has valid information and I just want to know what it is that made you guys ex red pill. Are you guys denying what they’ve said, tired of listing to the same thing over and over again or just see the movement going nowhere.