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Formar redpill. Trying to piece life bacj togather.

July 31, 2019

Hi. I am a 22-year-old college student. I was exposed to the "red pill" on campus by some friends. Since then I have struggled to reconcile my RP knowledge and life. I refuse to go to parties, hang out with girls from fear of false accusations. Long story short, My girlfriend wants to marry. I am only 22 and have barely finished college. She is pregnant and wants the child to grow up with a loving father. I am fine with a ceremony but refused to sign marriage papers. I will raise him happily but now red-pillars are telling me to get a DNA test, that it may not even be my kid. I don't know what to do. My family is all over this, saying I need to man up but FUCK!!! I don't know what to do.

Edit 2:Thanks guys. Just to clear up a few things. I am a former redpill, however i keep what I've learned in the back of my mind. I can not reply to everyone so just some house keeping. -I'll pay child support and don't mind raising the child and taking responsibility -I don't mind staying with her.and raising the child but what u have to understand is I'm in university and its stressful. My parents would probably help but the real problem is she wants a full blown wedding. I don't want to be divorced ans dragged through the cleaners. -A DNA test is definitely going to happen and I'm just hoping she'll agree to an abortion

. I used protection and we didn't have sex that often. We agreed she'd used birth control and we'd at least talk about abortion if she ever got pregnant. I can't help but feel like I'm being trapped by her.

I'll keep you posted as this plays out. Right now shes staying with my parents because we need time apart. I am avoiding everyone and just focusing on Work and just dodging calls.

Edit 3. So we got to talking and she's not sure if it's my child or not, SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!! I told her if it's my child she'd have my full support but under no circumstances will I be marrying her. She asked me what I would do if it's not my child and I refused to answer.In all honesty I still love the cheating harpy but I refuse to marry someone who could so easily cheat and not even feel bad about it. Guess I am A purple pill fool, she'll be staying at her parents house in another city because I refuse to support her or talk to her until the child is born and I can get a DNA test. She's seriously considering abortion because if it's not mien her bastard child won't have a father. I feel like shit but I don't know what else to do am i the ass hole?

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