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History of the Red Pill community?

May 31, 2022

I probably found the Red Pill in 2017 and really started to go with some of their ideals at 20-21 years old. No longer part of it heading on to 22. But I know the big names Kevin Samuels, Coach RedPill, NoFap, StephIsCold, Fresh N Fit, etc are not the ones who started the Red Pill, they are recent years 2017-2021). I have seen comments dating Red Pill back to the 2000s nearly. Much of the Red Pill is full of old misogynistic views of women and men and have some or many sexist traditional ideas, and even coercive manipulative tactics when it comes to sex, seeing it as transaction as well. Just wondering when we can grace Red Pill. I believe it was 2002? Maybe sooner since it’s based off Matrix movies

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