I've recently got a couple of messages from ex redpill dudes disclosing their fear of showing weakness to women. Their fear, it seems, is that women will immediatly and somehow be put off by the fact that they aren't "strong masculine men". Oddly enough, this seems to be a very recurrent insecurity among red pill men, so here' s a few guidelines and thoughts concerning this whole thing:

  • Ask yourself: Why would you want to be with someone who judges you for being a regular human being?. For real, before being concerned with the fact that she would ditch me for showing weakness, i'd rather just tell her to fuck off if i have to keep being some macho persona. There isn't a single man out there who isn't scared of something or has his insecurities. And even if there is, chances are this dude is messed up in the head. Therefore, there's simply no winning with a woman who expect us to be some sort of flawless hero. Nor would i want to conquer someone like that, that i can't be at ease with.

  • More than what you communicate, it matters how you communicate it. I can picture in my head some red pill dude trying to disclose some sort of insecurity and being immensily anxious out of fear of being ditched or something pathetic like that. That's not how you communicate your flaws. If you want to communicate your flaws, you own your shit and be like "This is my insecurity. This is me. You don't like it, you can leave" and mean it. Fuck it. She doesn't like it, she can go fetch her macho alpha male at cartoon network or something. No hard feelings. Incidently enough, this sort of hard energy is kinda of attractive. Remember: There is strenght in being comfortable with your own weaknesses.

  • Don't emotionally vomit. That's code word for don't over do it. It's okay to let her know your fears, your insecurities and be honest about whatever you're feeling. But it has to be done with some good sense too. If you're, talking about a girl that hurted you, but all of a sudden turns into a 3 hour conversation on how your ex dumped you through a text message at 3 in the morning and how you went through a real depression for months afterwards and shit... you may be doing it wrong. People don't like to be emotionally vampirized.

  • You don't have to reveal your insecurities if you don't want to. Honestly, some dudes in this sub hear about us talking about how vulnerability is mostly okay, and that red pill just exaggerates the shit out of hiding flaws, and feel obligated to do it. If you want to communicate your insecurities, you can do it at it's own time, at it's own place, in it's own context. Like, when the issue comes up in a conversation. You don't have to go around sharing weaknesses simply for the sake of it.

  • Remember: Everything has cracks. That's how light gets in. I know this sounds weird, but your minor flaws actually make you more beautiful in the eyes of a loved one. Over time women will fall in love with your minor imperfections. It's sexy as hell that a guy who's seemingly Mr Right isn't perfect, because it reminds women of the common humanity you both share. You're another human being, in this world, who's exactly like her with similar hopes, needs and dreams. And that's relatable and creates an emotional connection. Perfection is boring, and rings an alarm that guy seems too good to be true. That's why Love bombing is creepy for instance...