More specifically, I'm thinking of JustPearlyThings. I haven't heard her male equivalent going on about how we need to repeal the 19th Amendment, make divorce illegal, for men to only marry virgins, and so forth. Admittedly, I don't know every content creator by heart, but while they might go on about how cheating is acceptable for men, that men are biologically programmed to want sex with lots of women, etc. they still (usually) aren't that insane.

JustPearlyThings and other women she connects to are more extreme than that, sometimes justifying it under the guise of religion. For me, her being a grifter would be the lesser evil; it worries me more than her beliefs are genuine. It also makes the Red Pill dangerous, since you can put a female face on it and proclaim: "See, I'm not really being sexist; this is just biology!"