And that's not to say that women sexuality isn't presented or demonized in a way but men's is definitely demonized more and it's easier to demonize a man's sexuality because men have to actively pursue and display their sexuality to a girl they like

Women fantasize and think about sex just like men do but women don't have to put the reputation or livelihood on the line to pursue

Men are assumed that they are always sexually ready and want to hit on or look at every woman already and that's just getting into it and never mind the act of actually trying to pursue a woman sexually

I've been changed by my own girlfriend for trying to express my attraction to her. And she can do that because it's easy to shame a man because it's always been like that.

Pentecostal called weird or aggressive or awkward or sensitive or unmanly especially when all those things coincide with biologically being a male and with a dance of courtship it only makes it worse