Question: Why the fuck do the Twerps keep learning about "Hypergamy", and "AF/BB" and evolutionary psychology and all these exquisite pompous theories when you could just summarize all you need to know about getting sex in 6 or 7 paragraphs. Every idiot can be the ultimate Chadanova y'all so obsessed with. I don't think i'm a smart person, and even i can come up with shitty dating advice for all the unscrupulous red pill scrotes. And the best part: you don't have to pay $33/minute in Skype calls for this. It goes as follows:

  1. **Shoot in every direction**. Make multiple accounts in every single dating site (Yes, multiple). Approach as many women as you can everywhere. Join your local clubs, such as the volleyball team or any other place you think you can connect with women. If by any means you develop a weirdo reputation, fuck it. Move to a different city or some shit. I don't know... This is about getting that pussy, it's not about your safety, because who gives a fuck about that, AMIRITE?
  2. **Invest as much as possible in creating a good, strong, first impression**. This means going to the gym, dressing fashionably, having a good posture and body language, because that sort of common sense advice is lacking in the head of all of you scrotes, it seems. Get a plastic surgery if you have to, because spending that kind of money and going through that kind of physical pain is worth it, alas a bit desperate, but we're not reallly concerned with it, right? Live for that puss, die for that puss, AMIRITE?
  3. **Fake your entire persona**. You need to hide the fact you're an ugly loser and shit. So come up with a believable persona that you think is gonna get you that coogi-coogi. For instance, tell women you're an international business consultant and actually dress in tailor made suits and carry around an expensive leather bag. Just make sure it's something believable. If you're fat, tell women you're the #1 rated Big Mac competitive eater or some shit. If you're black, the rapper persona works wonders. Just make sure they won't suspect you're full of shit.
  4. **Fake your entire Lifestyle**. Me and my buddy Kyle used to spend $300 to rent a Supercar or a Limousine for the night and bitchez would be all over us because #SWAG. This is not actually true, but y'all scrotes guillible, otherwise you wouldn't be paying $33/minute for Skype coaching from middle aged dudes, therefore makes no difference. Also, Photoshop all your Instagram pictures and pay for followers and make private fake accounts for comments.
  5. **Hang around the places where women are easy**. Go to all the sex tourism spots in Thailand, Eastern Europe and in Coastal Spain. The more degraded, the better. Go to drugs fueled festivals and clubs, where the "free love" hippies and EDM crowds are. Chase vulnerable tourist women.
  6. **Relax your standards as much as possible**. - "Every hole counts" - Stephan Hawkins.
  7. **Manipulate the shit out of women**. Love bomb them with gifts and affection. Promise to marry them. Bail after sex. Classic! ALSO, be somewhat date rapey and start pushing for sex right from the beggining, but, you know, don't actually rape them. I know this has to be explained to you, but raping is kinda lame. ~~It wouldn't be if it didn't get you into legal trouble, but unfortunelly it does (At least if you get caught! ;D). ~~
  8. **Be a desperate cunt.** Create 3 or 4 Tinder paid accounts with different pictures and geographic limits. Then, program a Bot to auto-like everyone the whole fucking day. By the end of the week you should have a few hundred matches. Also, experiment with different pictures and Bios, and download SPSS to analyze which kind of profile works better with you from a statistical standpoint. This is the level of detail you should get into.
  9. **Be a fucking parasite**. Naturally, you can't keep your facade forever and women will eventually realize your persona and lifestyle are fake and corny. Unfortunately, women aren't stupid. So you need to be ready to switch your group of friends or move to a different city once your reputation or your legal suits start biting you in the arse. So that you can go be a parasite somewhere else. New begginings are always positive! :D
  10. **Save the world: Kill yourself.** Once you have mated with multiple females and finally became the ultimate chad chadinsky you so much wanted to be, you're gonna realize it was all futile, that you're still depressed, and that getting laid a lot didn't solve all your problems. You are left alone with your feelings of inadequacy, lack of integrity and possibly even child support or rape allegations. So what can you do? Kill yourself, i guess.

**TL,DR** - This is a **satirical** take, like all of my posts, on the idea that Twerps keep reading all of these ebooks and blogs on stupid theories, when i came up with a shitty, trolling guide for the Lolz for guys with no morals that want to have sex, that is much more simple and less time consuming. Like it or not, i just pulled this out of my arse and is probably still more based than any of that red pill shit ROFL