Love is not transactional. It is not an agreement or arrangement. If you find yourself in the situation where he is paying the majority of the bills, that does not make you his maid.

A high-value man will not treat your relationship like you're a live-in maid because he makes more money. If he loves you, respects you, and values you, you're not his servant, you're his partner, and anything you do around the home is your additional and personal choice to support him, not an obligation.

A high-value man wants to provide for you because he loves you and wants you to be happy. A low-value man will provide for you and then expect things in return. A high-value man will be satisfied with what you organically bring to the table. A low value man will see everything he does as something that needs to be matched.

But love is not transactional. Relationships are not just pushing the other to make your life more convenient.