I started dating this man about 3 months ago. We clicked right away, and have spent almost every weekend together since then. We texted or talked almost every day. After NYE, however, his texts became more and more sparse. I waited 3 days with no texts, and then sent one calling out the change in energy and asking what was going on. No response. I called (I know, I know), and he sent me to voicemail (I didn't leave one). I sent one final text saying goodbye and left it at that. He texted later that night saying that he got super busy at work, wanted to see how things went with me when he was super busy, and was disappointed that I didn't "take the lead" and reach out to him. There was some back-and-forth between us, where I said I couldn't possibly be expected to just know his schedule, and he said I seemed cold and distant. He said he wanted to put things on pause so he can focus on work and "think about things". I told him that I would continue dating other people. I'm just kind of blind-sided by all of this and feeling very hurt. I'm wondering if he met another woman, and just wants to keep me on the back-burner while he tries to make things work with her? Maybe I'm paranoid. My hunch is that he'll eventually reach out again and hope to pick up right where we left off. If that happens, what should I say to him? Advice? I really liked this man until all of this happened, and could just use an ear and some positivity.

EDIT: Thank you, sisters, for all of your insightful responses! It’s really helped me organize my thoughts and you’ve brought up some points I hadn’t considered. It’s clear what I need to do. I appreciate you all!