I asked because I’m curious on your view on asian female white male relationships. Most of my friends date Japanese guys because they were born and raised there, so prefer someone from same cultural backgrounds. But in nyc whether fob or east asian American I come across lots of afwm couples. Regarding few of my friends, I always felt like the girl likes the guy for looks and is doing more works and making effort to please the guy. I never felt any of the white guys that my friends were dating were HVM. Mostly my friends made more effort and were doing wife duties such as cooking and cleaning. And I used to be that way. I had a crush on this guy from Germany, bc of his looks I’d tell myself that he’s HVM when he barely made any effort. My close friend used to live in Berlin and as soon as she left the country to goto japan briefly, he joined tinder and I saw him on Couchsurfing hanging out with another girl.

What’s your view on this ?