Due to the influx of posts on this subreddit that tend to be rather negative, I wanted to encourage our HVW to come together in this discussion and share their tips/experiences. I want us to have a healthy, constructive talk.

Unfortunately, we live in the world where male depravity is actively enabled and, oftentimes, even encouraged. It’s not our responsibility to resolve it.

Although I know that it will take me awhile before I get back into the dating scene, I refuse to give up my ambition to, one day, create a healthy union with a HVM. I also want to become comfortable with an idea that it might not happen, either. Because, who knows? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I’m not encouraging to prioritize dating men, as it should come last, especially when you’re actively working on your wealth, career, personal development, health, etc.

So, ladies, any tips or suggestions? Any ideas for improving our strategy? I’d love to hear and have us discuss this to share more hope! ❤️

Edit: Lovely ladies! I just wanted to hop on here and say how happy I am to see all of you sharing your perspectives on dating/meeting a HVM! ❤️ All of you inspire me (I’ll try to reply to all of you in a bit) & give me hope! ❤️