We have seen many posts about avoiding to be a forever girlfriend and dumping him if he doesn't propose within a certain time frame, but I haven't seen anything yet about the topic of the "shut up ring" (or maybe I just missed it).

It doesn't take anything for a man (well, other than some money) to buy an engagement ring to make his girlfriend shut up. It's a very easy way to keep her around and get rid of the "where is this relationship going" questions. There is nothing to worry about anymore, right? After all, he proposed... Well, from then on, he can drag out the relationship for years with excuses like "we should save more money", "after I get my raise/new position at work", "after we find an apartment".

My advice is to set a date within 2 months of the proposal. Of course, the exact date could depend on the venue, but you should start planning and have a month in mind, if not an exact date.

A proposal worth nothing without any follow-up plans on the wedding. What are your thoughts on this, ladies?