So this is probably going to be a controversial post...

And anybody, not just men from low socioeconomic status can be lvm and utter trash. It just so happens, in my personal opinion, a great majority of them are from a low socioeconomic status or from "the hood."

It's probably common sense but a lot of the men there grew up without a father, that abandoned them. Then they go on to do the same. The mother is often left to fend for herself. They grew up on survival, instead of love. They like to "run game" on women. They are the ultimate LVM. The way these guys take advantage of women ...I've seen many friends that have been burned by them. They're often smooth talking, wanna be Casanova (a dusty version, though lmao), that can charm their way into a woman's pants or even worse, become a parasite/hobosexual. Hoodrat is going to hoodrat, that's their upbringing.

I'm a minority, in my culture, the men are taught to be very macho, patriarchal, and think of women as beneath them. That's why I prefer to date outside of my race. (Although any race can be LVM)