I’ve been on 4 dates with a guy who I thought was HV. He took me to expensive restaurants, footed the bill, picked expensive bottles of wine, always made sure I got home safe and only kissed me for the first time on date 3. Except that his communication in between dates was virtually non existent. He would take over 48hours to reply to me. At first I didn’t mind, as he has a demanding job and I’m not a huge fan of txts if they’re not to arrange the next date. But he took a week to get back to me this time and had a lame apology about a work project. I replied that I had enjoyed getting to know him, that I thought he was a lovely guy but I was getting the impression we wanted different things out of dating. I wished him well and released him back into the wild. Zero response and came across his dating profile hours later. My takeaway from this is, I shouldn’t have even bothered the first time he didn’t txt me back in a reasonable time frame. When he would take days to reply, I got into a pattern of feeling anxious I was being ghosted and then relieved and grateful when I would finally get a response. I reread the handbook today, remembered he should feel seriously lucky he’s had the time of day from me, and have made a New Year’s resolution to be assertive about behaviour I don’t like from the beginning. There are plenty of LVM out there ready to waste my time but, if I’m honest, the person who wasted my time in this instance was me. No more 🙅🏼‍♀️