How about them Chads, ladies?? Oh yeah, that 6 ft something, 6 pack, 9-inch cock hot dude that hits you up at 11pm with a “wyd” message? Yeah!!!! That one that you are ready to drop your panties for cause he is just soo “hawt”! Newsflash: he is not fucking worth it. He is an ultimate LVM. Think about it. Low value is when they add NOTHING to your life. What does Chad offer? His dick?! That’s it?! So you can wonder when he is gonna text again? How many other pickmeishas he has in his roster? Go ahead and lie to yourself about “I don’t need him for nothing more than sex”. Lol. No, sis. He is using you. No dates. No effort. No nothing. Yet here you are spread eagle because you said to yourself: it’s just sex, I’m ok with that, I don’t expect nothing in return. Yet it does the damage on your ego and self worth. Why does he not wanna date me? What’s wrong with me? How many other women does he have? The end of this mess is: he goes and ghosts you. Now you are left even more vulnerable, confused, hurt. Over a fuckboy that just looked good. Was that experience worth it? What did his good looks do for you? How do you feel after all of this set and done? Be honest with yourself. Don’t do Chad. They are mega fuckboys, detached and ultimate users. Protect yourself and Level Up!