Hi! Could you please tell me some good quotes, advice or thoughts on how would you treat or navigate a situation where a coworker (M36) acts like a middle schooler way too full of himself by (incorrectly) thinking that I am (deeply) into him? I haven’t given him anything near the time of the day but I know for sure he thinks I’m dying to date him. 🤮 On Wednesday I literally overheard him say that I am “head over heels” for him to his two only friends. He likes to define himself as a “Christian guy”. I just wanna list/compile your thoughts or input to simply reread it every time he walks in at work and (as per usual) starts acting like he’s the sexiest fuckboy in the world, kneeing his buddies and acting like a clown. Because if I confront him again about his cocky behaviour and the bs he’s still spreading I may lose my job. And I love my job. Excuse my rant, ladies. 🙏🏻