To those of us with PickMe pasts, it is unsurprising that many- if not the majority of- PickMes had to deal with appeasing narcissists growing up.

Much of FDS is deprogramming how narcissistic abuse wears at your self esteem. For a time I did not bother to look at this subreddit because of the vitriol n foam at the mouth about this place. But upon some lurking, it has been very affirming to the work I've been doing in therapy after leaving an almost fatally abusive n-partner, and before that abusive n-parents.

Many of us are very empathetic and people-pleasing, which narcs can sniff out from miles away. And sometimes that empathy is actually hyper-vigilance of anticipating a narcissists needs. It is very easy to take advantage of. It can very quickly become codependent, and parasitic. Shoving those prone to this sort of abuse into extreme, debasing caregiver roles with no reciprocity .

I dunno I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else with PickMe pasts have had to do a lot of work undoing narc abuse from childhood!!! Even now I have difficulty asserting boundaries. For a long time I thought it was a sign of righteousness to endure harm and I am only recently within the past year realizing how psycho that is LOL. That pain is so familiar, and sometimes more comfortable than rejecting sabotage dfsdfdskfj

OH! N I highly recommend Healing the Daughters of Narcissistic Mothers by Karyl McBride for those who may still be working healing. it is *chefs kiss*