I was a late bloomer in the dating game. I never had a relationship last more than a few months until now, in my late 20s. We're coming up on a year and, reflecting on it, I can't believe how much I stressed over not being in a relationship, how much I envied my friends who by now have had 3-4 proper relationships. I'm with a guy who seems like he stepped right out of a fairy tale. Fun, kind, intelligent, tall, sexy, stylish, and most importantly, treats me like an absolute queen. We text every day and he responds to every text as soon as he sees it. He calls me every day after work. He picks me up from wherever no matter how out of his way it is. He paid for our first few dates and continues to foot the bill for most of our dates. He is proud to show me off, and I met all his friends and family within the first 6 months (by the way, he treats his mother like gold). He even offers me his water bottle before taking a sip for himself!

I've never had to ask for any of this, and in fact I never dreamed of asking for all of this. I hadn't yet abandoned all of my pick-me ways until I saw how he treated me and realized I don't have to settle for less. I discovered this sub a few months back and it's just confirming everything I've learned from being with this guy. And now, reflecting on what I saw in my friends' relationships, it makes me laugh to think I ever wanted to be in their shoes. I've seen my friends date cheapskates, bores, ghosters, flakes, fuckboys, guys who don't defend their girls, guys whose families don't even know their girl exists, I could go on. I've only had one real relationship but it's a fucking golden one. Quality over quantity, ladies! Don't settle for a manchild who couldn't care less.