I was morbidly curious about what was so bad about the dead bedrooms sub after seeing it mentioned as a terrible place.

Wow. I didn't expect it to be what it was. You'd think it'd be a place of people who have shitty sex trying to improve their situation. I mean like a sex therapy type of place.

Nope. Instead it's mostly a bunch of men who loathe and resent their girlfriends/wives and day dream about cheating instead of truly fixing themselves

I KNOW THERE ARE WOMEN THERE TOO but from what I see just from scrolling is that there's a big difference between men and women there.

When women find themselves in db scenarios it's more like their partner has physical limitations (low testosterone, ED) and the women talk about how much work they put in to fixing it. They mention being attentive, get into great shape, keep themselves looking good, alleviate stress from their partners lives etc

Meanwhile the men are like "I've tried everything" and lament about doing chores around the house. Meanwhile, none of them mention taking care of or appreciating their partners, prioritizing their emotions, putting in emotional labor, getting into great shape or being attractive for them, the men there just all seem so emotionally stunted. The entitlement to good sex is insaaaaane.