First of all if someone is broke or low on funds, they shouldn't be dating and should instead focus on get their sh!t together. If something simple paying for a date is that deep to a man, don't expect him to put on the work later down the road. Also if paying for a couple dinners is going to leave a man broke for the month, then they seriously need to think about their financial situation and money management.

Secondly, they like to act as if women want lavish expensive dinners every date or something when it's not the case. It's about a man showing they're able to put on the effort and thought. HVM are not low effort men.

It can be a dinner at an affordable restaurant, taking the woman for a picnic, taking the woman to an exhibition, to a hike in a beautiful place. There are lots of ideas that aren't even that expensive that show care and thought.

"Netflix and chill" at their place or theirs, car dates (lmao wtf?) or late night dates at bars are not it, at least not in the beginning stages of dating at all.

If a man values your company, he has to show it by providing special moments where you two can bound and get to know each other better. If he's not willing to spend some coin, time or effort on providing a good date, then ditch him fast.